At the time of this post, Piper is 13 years, 3 months old.

She’s lumpy, bumpy, and grey.
She has bald spots on her hind legs.
She has arthritis and creaky bones.
She has trouble using the doggie door, so we open the door when she needs to go out.

But Piper is still beautiful and full of life…

She is alert and focused has a spring in her step (although it is slower and sometimes wobbly).
She gets excited when we return home and greets us with a wagging tail.
She likes to hang out on the bed, although we need to give her a boost up.
She loves to get her butt and ears scratched.
She is super obsessed with food and has become a bit spoiled (ok, we spoil her).

Piper spent most of her life with her brother and littermate, Cain, who passed away in July 2009. Can was the alpha dog and a huge mama’s boy, so he frequently hogged all the attention. While we miss Cain terribly, we value this one-on-one time with Piper and hope she enjoys being in the spotlight.

Michael and Piper

We know Piper’s time is limited, so we stay home a lot to be with her. We give her tons of love and keep a close eye out to ensure she’s ok.

We cherish life with our old lady Labrador and hope she continues to feel well and enjoy life until it is time to go be with her brother.