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An Artistic Life: Remembering the creative spirit of Arlene Summers

2022-08-27T13:48:21-07:00Art, Inspiration|

I wrote this post to share my mom’s beautiful imagination and creativity. Hopefully it will bring joy and inspiration to others. My mom, Arlene, passed away from Alzheimer’s in March 2020. Soon after, I wrote a post to reminisce about our travels together and how [...]

WeRemember: International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2022


For the 2022 International Holocaust Remembrance Day, #WeRemember some of the people who created the Ringelblum Archive in the Warsaw ghetto. I learned about Gela Seksztajn, an artist who died in the Holocaust, while reading The Light of Days: The Untold Story of Women Resistance [...]

California Labradors, Retrievers, and More – Rescuing Dogs for Ten Years

2021-11-26T16:47:32-08:00Animals, Inspiration|

This is the twelfth and final post in the 2021 Kindness series. Each month I will make a donation to a different nonprofit and write about the organization.   In honor of Indy’s birthday this month (he turned twelve) the November donation went [...]

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