Last week at the grocery store, Michael spotted little bottles of Spa Water infused with different ingredients like rosemary and cucumber. A one-pint bottle was $3. He thought, ‘that looks good – but pricey – I can make it myself.’ So, he made up a recipe and gathered some ingredients. The experiment turned out very yummy.

Infused Water Ingredients

• Bottled water
• 5 Dehydrated orange slices
• Fresh ginger – approximately the size of your thumb
• 1 Fresh lemongrass stalk
• 2 Sprigs Fresh mint
• 1/4 package sweetener
• 1 quart container

Instructions to Make Infused Water

Step 1: Make lemongrass / ginger concentrate
1. Chop lemongrass and ginger
2. Put into pan with 1 quart water
3. Heat to a boil and then let cool
4. Strain

*Note: you will have left over to use again.

Step 2: Mix all ingredients
1. Put 2 cups of lemongrass / ginger concentrate into a 1 quart container
2. Fill bottle with bottled water
3. Add mint, orange slices, and sweetener