This is the seventh post in the 2021 Kindness series. Each month I will make a donation to a different nonprofit and write about the organization.

Today would have been my mother’s 80th birthday (she passed away last year). Today would have also been her father’s birthday. Yes – father and daughter shared the same birthday – cool huh. They also shared something that wasn’t cool – a struggle with Alzheimer’s in the final years of their lives. This month’s donations to two Alzheimer’s organizations are in honor of mom and grandpa.
Arlene and Murray
I have read several stories about people who have faced Alzheimer’s disease – they were emotional and touching. I am not yet sure if I will write about Mom’s Alzheimer’s struggle, so for now I will share information and resources that may help others.

Did you know…?

6+ Million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s disease

2/3 of the people who develop Alzheimer’s are women

11+ Million Americans provide unpaid care for people with Alzheimer’s


Alzheimer’s Association

Alzheimer’s Association is one of the largest and well-known Alzheimer’s nonprofits. Their focus is on research, care, risk reduction, early detection, and advocacy. Check out this video about the Alzheimer’s Association’s history and impact.


The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement

The mission of The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement is “to discover why Alzheimer’s discriminates against women and communities of color and to prepare women and their families for the impact of Alzheimer’s by providing them with information and tools to help prevent the disease.” Their work involves research, education, prevention, and advocacy. Learn about their mission and accomplishments in the video below.


Get Involved

If you are interested, here are some ways you can support The Alzheimer’s Association and The Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement.

Murray Merker and Arlene Summers