Farewell Old Lady Piper…

Woof – my name is Piper.
I passed away on May 21, 2011.
I was a sweet, mellow Labrador who had a long, full life (I had just celebrated my 14th birthday).

I came into the world with my brother Cain on May 9, 1997.

Piper and Cain puppies

I was a typical puppy – I liked to play tug of war and wrestle with my brother.

Piper and Cain as puppies

I loved to chew on toys and bones – yum!

Piper puppy with toy

I was smart too – I figured out a great way to stay cool in the summer.

Piper splashing water

Piper puppy outside

As I grew up, I realized I was not quite the typical Labrador. I had no interest in fetching balls or carrying the newspaper. (My family thinks I shared some other type of spirit.) I wasn’t into cuddling, but I always wanted to be near my family. I liked to hang out under the desk when Lori worked.

Like my brother, I slept in some funny positions.

Piper sleeping upside down

It was fun to play dress up and wear the pink fuzzy crown.

Piper wearing crown

I loved chilling out on the bed as long as I had my space. When I got older, I couldn’t jump up, so Michael helped.

Piper sleeping

Piper jumping on bed

I taught Michael a game that only he and I played. He stood behind me and I waved my paw in the air. Then I ran away so he could chase me.

Piper and Michael

My favorite place to be scratched was my butt. I asked for love by standing between people’s legs so they could easily reach me.

Piper outside

I liked hanging out at the pool. I was not very into swimming… It took me a while to learn how to swim and I was told that I swam like a spaz. But I really loved standing at the edge and biting the water when my family splashed me.

Piper at pool

Piper at pool

I was completely obsessed with food and my family thought I was a piggy. But I trained them well and they often gave me people food.

Piper begging

This photo was taken on my 14th birthday, two weeks before I passed. I liked the fancy crown.

Piper birthday

I am excited to see my brother Cain, but will really miss my family. They took such good care of me when I got old and had trouble getting around.

Piper relaxing

To Piper, from your family

Yesterday you joined your brother Cain. We are heartbroken to say goodbye, but know you will enjoy being together again. Your final day was tough and we hope you did not feel too much pain. You were a sweet, wonderful dog and we found your quirky habits so endearing. Your brother often stole the spotlight, but we were thankful to have nearly two years alone to shower you with tons of love and attention. The house is empty and lonely without you. Rest in peace beautiful Missy Piper, you will always be in our hearts.