This post is part of a series on amazing blind dogs.
by Lisa Stubert

This is the story of Belgium – she is a deaf and blind dog that works as a therapy dog! There are lots of blind dogs that prove anything is possible!

Some of you may recognize Belgium as Gizmo when she was with Amazing Aussies. Belgium was adopted by a wonderful family and is now a Pets On Wheels therapy dog at long-term care centers and the Virginia G Piper Cancer Center.

Here is Belgium’s story…

Four-year old Belgium came to Amazing Aussies in August 2008. She was turned in by her owner for “not getting along with another pet” and was thought of as disposable. Belgium is also deaf and blind, so she was scheduled for euthanasia. The alternative placement volunteer made a last ditch call to Amazing Aussies and we took her into our foster program. She went to a wonderful foster home, who a month later, decided to make Belgium a permanent part of their family.

Belgium has gone through a therapy dog assessment program and is now making people happy just by being herself. She travels to local hospitals and long term care facilities. Her family reports that “Belgium is very responsive to sick and elderly people and really seems to shine at her job. She is truly blessed for this job and has made a difference in many peoples’ lives. She also educates family members who have dogs, many of them Australian Shepherds, about the results of Merle-to-Merle breeding. Her disability has opened many peoples’ eyes.

In November 2011, Belgium was the 1st place winner for Rescue Dog Story of the year at the Cynosports Games held at Westworld! We are so proud of Belgium and all that she does for others!