Ok, I admit – I watch a few Reality TV shows (my all-time favorite is Amazing Race). But I find a majority of the reality shows to be a downer – I’m not into watching all of that drama. I would rather see stories about people who are doing positive things – things that inspire. So I had this swell idea for a reality / documentary type show that I call “Inspired Reality.”

Inspired Reality: the idea

Each season, follow four individuals, organizations, or companies (social enterprises). In episode one, a host will provide an introduction to the leaders, mission, and communities they serve. In the following episodes, we will get to see them in action and the host will provide commentary. The show’s website could feature in-depth information like blogs, photos, videos, and ways the viewers can get involved. Each season, viewers can enter a contest to win a trip to visit each organization.

The series would not just entertain, it would enlighten people about the challenges others face and the positive impacts these organizations have in the world.

Inspired Reality Story Ideas

It would be great to profile individuals and organizations who have achieved success, along with those who are just starting out. There are so many people out there who are doing inspiring work. Here are just a few of the stories I would love to see.

Community Based Tourism Initiative (COBATI) works with rural families to create homesteads where travelers can learn about life in Uganda. (Shameless plug: I volunteer with COBATI.)

Krochet Kids International creates sustainable economic development programs for people in developing countries and produces some cool hats.

Samasource collaborates with businesses to provide job opportunities for people in developing countries.

Senior Wish grants lifelong wishes to seniors who have overcome challenges.

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust rescues and rehabilitates wildlife in Africa.

Women for Women helps women survivors of war rebuild their lives.

Wounded Warrior Project provides support to injured U.S. service members.

What do you think?

Would you watch Inspired Reality? What types of stories would you like to see?

Is there anyone out there in TV land who is interested in creating this type of show?