Adele has been with us for two weeks. See how she did this week.

Day 8 – May 31

We continued our lunchtime activity, fetch the tidbit of food, but today Adele came within one foot of me to pick up a goodie – the closest she has ever come. Later in the evening I sat by her in the living room and held out my hand. She smelled it briefly. Then I put my hand on the floor a few inches from her paws. She didn’t run away.

Adele is still very afraid of Michael, probably because I am the caretaker and he is out of the house longer than me. Tonight we were both walking around getting ready for work the next day. Adele came toward the laundry room to go outside but turned around when she saw the door was closed. (She still won’t use the doggie door, so I open the door to let her out). I tried to guide her back to the laundry room so I could open the door. When I gently touched her near the collar she jumped, tensed up, and ran away. Poor girly.

Day 9 – June 1: Success to Setback in a Split Second

I tried something different during our lunchtime treat routine. I started with the treats very close to me. It took a bit longer, but Adele started to come by to get them. Then I put my hand on the floor next to the treat and left it there when she came by. One time Adele even stayed there to eat instead of walking back to the living room. After two successes, I thought I would offer another treat before she walked away to see if she would take it from my hand. While she was eating the treat, I moved my hand to reach into the bag – Adele got really scared, jumped, and ran away. She wouldn’t come back into the family room after that. I want back to work feeling so bummed.

After dinner I sat in the living room a few feet from Adele and busted out the meat. That got her attention. She came within one foot of me several times to take the treats – this time I kept my hands out of range. She went back to the corner to lie down and I tried something new again. I crawled over on my belly and slowly moved my hand holding the meat within a few inches of her face. She wouldn’t take the meat from my hand, but she didn’t flinch or run away.
When Michael got home Adele heard the garage – got up, walked over to the laundry room, and peeked around the corner. She soon went back to the living room, but this was the first time she came over to see what was going on.

Day 10 – June 2

In the morning I went into the living room to tell Adele it was time to eat and then I went to the laundry room to get the food ready. Adele came toward the laundry room, but stood in the hall and peeked inside. Usually I have to leave the room before she will go in and eat. I have to pass her in the hall – so when I walk toward her she turns and walks away. Then I go stand in the bedroom and call her back. When she sees the hall is clear, she will go into the laundry room and eat. Today I stayed in the laundry room and sat on the floor by the door that leads to the garage. Adele came in and ate! She was nervous – she kept looking toward the bedroom – probably to see if Michael was nearby – and ate super-fast. But she ate with me in the room for the first time!

We had another breakthrough that involved food. Adele now lets me sit right next to her and place little pieces of meat on the floor next to her feet. I approach slowly and show her that I have goodies. I tried to get her to take one from my hand, but she’s not ready for that yet.

Today two friends came by at different times; both are dog parents. The first came in and immediately lay down on the floor. Adele stood up and looked at him, but didn’t run away. The second also sat on the floor and tried to interact a bit, but Adele wasn’t interested.

Fearful foster dog Adele

Day 11 – June 3

My neighbor came over with one of her dogs, a shy, mellow Golden Retriever. Adele was nervous around the neighbor, but comfortable with the dog. He passed by her several times and came over to say hi. She stayed in her usual spot and didn’t seem interested or scared.

Day 13 – June 5

My neighbor came over with her other dog, a more outgoing Labrador. Adele reacted the same as she did with the Golden Retriever. I’m glad she is comfortable with dogs.

Day 14 – June 6

At lunch, Adele took treat from hand! But, I could only get her to do it once…

Day 15 – June 7

Tonight was cleaning night and Adele got very scared at all of the commotion. When Michael vacuumed the living room, Adele ran into another room and hid. Then, when it was time to clean that room, she got scared and ran back into the living room. She was very nervous and upset.

Pee pee time was frustrating. When Michael, or anyone, is home, Adele won’t easily follow me out to pee, and tonight was much worse because she was scared. I could not get her to go outside to pee before bed; she kept circling the couch in the living room and then hid in an adjacent room. I got really frustrated and then I got mad at myself for not being patient. I asked Michael to help me herd Adele outside and that worked. But then she got even more scared and hid behind the bushes in the yard (the first time she has done this). She wouldn’t come inside when I called like she usually does, so I needed Michael to help me herd her inside.

Week 2 Summary

This week saw some more successes and some frustrations. Adele will let me sit close to her and will walk past me in the hall sometimes. She took a treat from my hand twice! Taking her to pee when there is someone in the house is challenging, and I was mad at myself for getting frustrated one night. But overall, I think Adele is making progress and learning to trust me a bit.

Week 3 Preview

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