Sunsets are truly marvelous – the vivid colors, the shadows in the sky… Some sunsets are big and bold, others are soft and subtle. I sometimes feel hypnotized as I watch the sky change colors while the sun sinks away. We saw some beautiful sunsets during our 2013 trip around the world. Take a peek…

Serengeti, Tanzania

The view from our tent in the very remote Alex Walker’s Serian safari camp. It took two airplanes and a long jeep ride to get there – and well worth the journey.

Alex Walker Serian Serengeti Tanzania

Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda

What a great place to relax after an exciting game drive. View from our patio at Mweya Safari Lodge…

Mweya Safari Lodge Uganda

Ibiza, Spain

On our fourth visit to Ibiza, the sunset did not disappoint. This photo was taken in front of Cafe del Mar – a very popular spot to celebrate the setting sun.

Sunset at Cafe del Mar Ibiza

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a great city to view public art. These sculptures were the perfect backdrop for a sunset by the waterfront in Barceloneta.

Barcelona sunset

Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

We stayed at a lovely little hotel, Costa Colonia, on the Rio de la Plata. This was the view from our room.

Colonia del Sacramento Uruguay

Cusco, Peru

We stopped for a cocktail at a second floor bar in the Plaza de Armas, and as we people-watched this spectacular sunset stole our attention.

Plaza de Armas Cusco Peru

Stonetown, Zanzibar

Stonetown was not the most relaxing town, but it has one of the most spectacular sunsets I’ve ever seen. Look at the colors of the clouds! (featured image is also Stonetown)

Stonetown Zanzibar

What are your favorite places to watch the sunset?

Feel free to post your favorite locations and share a photo link.